The power of the 2-in-1 Cordless Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner manufactured with a powerful 100W motor combined with a 22.2V battery.

The motor enables the vacuum to provide 7kPa of suction pressure and 30W of suction power, increasing its' overall effectiveness.

The dual powered motor creates the ideal vacuum for all around the home. Suitable for various types of surfaces, including carpets, hard floors and upholstery.



The vacuum comes with a large, 0.8L capacity dust tank.


The tank can also be removed from the brush head base and attached to the battery pack to be made into a hand held cleaner.

The dust tank contains removable HEPA filters. These can easily be removed for cleaning or replacement.



The battery pack, positioned on the front of the main upright of the vacuum, is where all the charge is stored.

When charging, using the included plug adapter, the 3 green lights will illuminate up one by one showing the level of charge.


After approximately 4 hours of charging all three will be lit and the charger can be disconnected.

This battery pack is also removable and connects with the removable dust tank become a hand held cleaner.  



Using the Floormaster 2 in 1 Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner is incredibly easy.


Assembly is completed in just a few easy steps; Slot the handle into place, attach the battery to the front of the upright, place the accessories in their holder, plug in and charge.


Using your 2 in 1 vacuum is simple; place one foot on the main body and pull the handle back.  Turn on, set the speed and you are ready to go.


An added feature to this 2 in 1 Rechargeable vacuum cleaner is that the upright handle is detachable.


The handle can be taken out of the base slot and placed on the back for easier storage.



The 2 in 1  Cordless Rechargeable vacuum cleaner comes with a sleek and modern look.

Rubber coated, shock resistant wheels allows for smoother manoeuvrability.


This is complimented by the intelligent steering, allowing you to move around the rooms easily with the 90 degree movement.

 The lay flat, low profile design allows you to clean in those hard to reach places under sofas and furniture.