Just like the Cordless version the Corded Evo Vac comes with a flat brush head which has the ability to rotate up to an angle of 90 degrees.


This brush head provides you with the natural range of motion without it affecting its A rated efficiency in cleaning. 





The Eco Vac comes with a large, 0.8L capacity dust tank.


The dust tank is removable from the handheld making it easier for cleaning and emptying. 


Removable HEPA filters are located in the top housing of the dust tank. 

The HEPA filters are easily accessible for replacing or cleaning.



Powered with a 600W motor accompanied by a 6 meter long mains power cable, you will have the clean up done in no time.

The 6 meter long cable will give you access to various rooms around the home without having to plug in and unplug in every room. 



Using the Floormaster Corded Eco Vac is again, simple and effortless to use.


Assembly is completed just like the Cordless version, in just a few easy steps;  Click the handle in place onto the dust tank, connect the accessory adaptor along with the aluminium telescopic extension tube, finally connect the flat brush head.


To use: simply plug in and go.



As with all corded vacuums, the Floormaster Eco Vac is subjected to 'Energy Related Products' directive.

As always the the Eco Vac comes out on top with a Energy Rating of A. 


An efficient, economical, energy saving vacuum 




Just like the Cordless Eco Vac Plus but

as a corded version with a 6 mtr long cable.


An aluminium telescopic extension tube accompanies the metallic grey main body casing with accents of red  colour.

The lay flat, low profile design means you access most areas where space is limited under sofas, furniture and beds.

Not forgetting that being able to convert the Eco Vac into a handheld vac enables you to reach the high places as well as the lows.