The Cordless Eco Vac Plus comes with a flat brush head which has the ability to rotate up to an angle of 90 degrees.


The rotation ability of this brush head  provides you a natural range of motion without affecting it cleaning ability.



The Cordless Eco Vac comes with a large, 0.8L capacity dust tank.


The dust tank can be removed from the handheld motor making it easier to clean and empty.


The top housing of the dust tank also contains removable HEPA filter.   


The HEPA filters are easily accessible for cleaning or replacing. 


The Cordless Evo Vac Plus is charged through a plug adaptor. 

Once charged the indicator light will illuminate Green.  The charging cable can then be disconnected.


The Cordless Eco Vac Plus is dual powered with a 2 speed motor.

22.2 Lithium battery technology for long lasting performance.



Using the Cordless Eco Vac Plus is simple and effortless.


 Assembly is completed in a few easy steps; Click the handle into place onto the dust tank, connect the accessory adapter along with the telescopic extension tube, finally connect the flat brush head, and then charge.

Operating the vacuum is basically; press and go. Simply press the button again to adjust for a higher power mode. Pressing it a third time will power the unit down.   


It is that easy.


The Cordless Eco Vac Plus with a complimentary wall dock for easy space saving storage.

The wall docks acomodates the main vaccum unit and the additional tools included; Crevice and upholstery tool attachments.


The accessories included provide for an all round cleaning experience.  



A sleek and modern

Cordless Eco Vacuum.

An aluminium telescopic extension tube accompanies a metallic grey main body casing with accents of blue colour.

The lay flat, low profile design enables you to clean those hard to reach places, whether it be under the sofa, the furniture or even in the bedroom.  

Being able to convert the Cordless Eco Vac Plus in to a handheld vac allows for cleaning in those high places as well as the lows.