The 2-in-1 Rapid Multi-Vac comes with a rotational motorised brush. 


It has the ability to rotate up to an angle of 180 degrees providing you with not only efficient cleaning on different services but gives you a natural range of motion when in use.

All together a much more effective

way of vacuuming.



The vacuum comes with a large, 0.8L capacity dust tank.


The tank can also be removed from the handheld motor  for easy cleaning and emptying. 

The top of the dust tank also contains removable HEPA filters. These can easily be removed for cleaning or replacement. 


The vacuum is charged through the wall mountable charging dock. 

When charging, using the included wall dock, the 3 green lights will illuminate one by one showing the level of charge.


 After approximately 3 hours of charging all three will be lit and the charger can be disconnected.

22.2v Lithium battery technology for long lasting performance.



Using the Floormaster 2 in 1 Rapid Multi-Vac is incredibly easy.


Assembly is completed in just a few easy steps; Connect the handle to the dust tank by clicking into place. Connect the extension tube to the nozzle, attach the motorised brush head to the other end of the nozzle and then charge.

Using your 2 in 1 Rapid Multi Vac is simple. 

Press and go; simply press again to adjust for a higher power mode. Pressing it a third time will power the unit down.


  It is that easy.


An added feature is the inclusive compact wall mountable charging dock.

 Not only charges the 2 in 1 Rapid Multi Vac but provides space saving storage for your vacuum and accessories.



The 2 in 1 Rapid Multi Vac has a sleek and modern look. 

A coloured aluminium extension tube accompanies metallic grey motorised brush head.

The lay flat, low profile design allows for easy access to the hard to reach areas without compromising its cleaning ability. 

Everything you need for 'Floor to Ceiling' cleaning.